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Demi Moore * Nov / 11th / 1962

Demi Moore

Demi Moore was born on November 11, 1962 at Roswell, New Mexico, USA to the couple of Charles Harmon (Air Force man) and Virginia Guynes. Demi had to face a series of misfortunes after she was born. Charles Harmon left Demi's mother after a two-month marriage before the birth of his daughter, Demetria Guynes (Demi Moore's real name). Then her mother married Danny Guynes (Demi's stepfather) who moved his family all over in search of work, while gambling away the money he did make out of his work. About that time only she came to know that he wasn’t her real father. After her step father's death her mother Virginia, could not provide much help either due to her long-lasting criminal record.

So it was very much left on to the 30 year old musician Freddy Moore who married the 18 year old Demi and took her away to Los Angeles. After 4 years of marriage they finally divorced. But this move turned out to be very effective for this young lady. After she left high school around the age of 16 she worked as a model.

But she took on acting and also helped her neighbor Nastassja Kinski in rehearsing parts.

With an appearance on stage Demi began her acting career. She won a Theatre World Award in 1981 for her role in 'The Early Girl'. Then she went on to appear in the opera 'General Hospital' in the 1982/ 83 season, 'Choices' in 1981, 'Parasite' and 'Young Doctors In Love' in 1982. Her next character, in 'Blame It On Rio' in 1984, got her the focus she needed, and this led her to a lead role in 'No Small Affair' and an important breakthrough in St. Elmo’s 'Fire' in 1985.

She then came into the limelight for her unfortunate addiction towards cocaine. But a strong determination combined with a strong mind helped her to get away from this deadly habit. In the year 1986 she appeared in films like 'Wisdom', 'One Crazy Summer', and 'About Last Night'. The following year Moore married TV actor Bruce Willis after leaving her fiancé Emilio Estevez. In 1989, she also appeared in one of the episode of his hit TV series 'Moonlighting'. Then she followed with films like 'The Seventh Sign' and 'We’re No Angels', but it took her another long year before she made the Hollywood A-list and with 1990's 'Ghost' she acquired a Golden Globe nomination.

The following decade she became the mother of three daughters, appeared in some high profile nude poses on covers of Vanity Fair, television appearances and achieved the 'Best Dressed' and 'Most Beautiful' titles. Apart from acting she was also behind the camera roles in a stream of movies and also helped them financially like 'Nothing But Trouble', 'Mortal Thoughts' which she co produced, 'The Butcher’s Wife' in 1991, 'A Few Good Men' in 1992, 'Indecent Proposal' in 1993 for a MTV Movie, People’s Choice, ShoWest awards, 'Disclosure' in 1994 'Now and Then' which she produced, 'The Scarlet Letter' in 1995 where her daughter Tallulah also appeared, 'The Juror' for a People’s Choice award, 'Striptease' in 1996 for a Razzie award for the worst actress, (her daughter Rumer also appeared), 'Deconstructing Harry' in 1997, 'GI Jane' which she produced, 'Destination Anywhere' in 1997 and the 'Austin Powers movies' in 1997 and 1999 which also she produced.

The 5' 5', very talented hoarse voiced Moore also gave her eloquence to animated films. In 1999 Moore also became an editor by accepting the assignment for the millennium issue of Marie Claire magazine. She then went on to appear in 'Basic Instinct 2' and 'Passion of Mind'.

Moore is one of those rare personalities that have risen to the top of her profession with a strong will power that is respected by all.

She is the great symbol of a woman driven by talent, beauty, style and brains.
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