jueves, octubre 16, 2008

Harry Benson (Beatles)

(6 months ago:) Scottish-born photojournalist Harry Benson, who photographed for "Life" magazine and currently shoots for "Vanity Fair" magazine, poses at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles March 24, 2008 with one of his most famous photographs, The Beatles pillow fight, taken in Paris in January 1964. The image is part of a retrospective exhibiton of Benson's work �Through His Lens � Harry Benson's Portraits of our World." Picture taken March 24, 2008.

...la residencia de Bill Gates...

... está valorada en un millón de dólares?

Bill Gates Residence a Million dollar home
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Chairman of Microsoft Mr Bill Gates who is #3 worlds richest man right now has made most of his revenue from his company Microsoft Corporation.
El señor Bill Gates, creador de Microsoft, quien es el tercer hombre más rico del mundo hasta ahora, ha ganado su fortuna de su compañía Corporación Microsoft.

Esta es su mansión con valor de $1,000,000.ºº de dólares.