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Tests on Line


Abraham Lincoln / online test / print test
Albert Einstein / online test / print test
Alexander the Great / online test / print test
Amelia Earhart / online test / print test
Aristotle / online test / print test
Barack Obama / online test / print test
Christopher Columbus / online test / print test
Galileo / online test / print test
George Washington / online test / print test
George Washington Carver / online test / print test
Gutenberg / online test / print test
Hippocrates / online test / print test
Isaac Newton / online test / print test
Joan of Arc / online test / print test

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  2. The BIOGRAPHIES can all be found at Biographies for Kids

    The online biography tests are very detailed. It will be helpful if students study the biography carefully,
    and if possible work some of the accompanying activities before taking the online test.

    These online tests can also be used in reading classes to teach reading comprehension and reading for detail.

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